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Translational Radiation Oncology


Translational research aims to apply principles explored in basic research in a clinical setting (“bench-to-bedside approach”). In other words, we seek to test promising novel therapies or techniques developed in the (biological or technological) laboratory in clinical trials. Things we are most intersted in are i) finding and/or improving therapies for brain tumors, ii) understanding and preventing second cancers after radiotherapy and iii) finding strategies how we can digitize the delivery of care.

Our research is funded by grants of the Klaus-Tschira-Stiftung (Vpr and Glioma) the H.W. & J. Hector Stiftung, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (TeleGraPH trial, Exist) and the German Research Foundation (IMRT and second cancer). 



MemberPositionExt (+49 621 383 - )
Frank A Giordano  Head (bio) 2517
Beatrix Leone Secretary 3736 (Fax 3493)
Stefanie Kirschner DVM/Veterinarian   3858
Vanessa Weyer DVM/Veterinarian   2583
Mario Grimm MD 6020 (Fax 3493)
Jens Kübler MD 6020 (Fax 3493)
Arne Ruder MD 6020 (Fax 3493)
Lisa Sautter MD 6020 (Fax 3493)
Kaga Gomarteli MSc 3773 (S1 Lab 2932)
Barbara Link MSc 3773 (S1 Lab 2932, S2 Lab 2932)
Yun Liu MSc 3773 (S1 Lab 2932, S2 Lab 2932)
Miriam Bierbaum Technician 3773 (S1 Lab 2932, S2 Lab 2932)
Marianne Hahn MD undergrad 6020
Ulrich Koeppen MD undergrad 6020
Victor Siefert MD undergrad 3418 (Clinical Trial Unit)
Vivien Sommerlath MD undergrad 6020
Michael Wester-Ebbinghaus    MD undergrad 6642 (Gamma Knife)

Publication list available here (external link to PubMed)

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