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Stereotactic Radiotherapy

Stereotactic radiotherapy was defined first by the Swedish neurosurgeon Lars Leksell as “a single high dose fraction of radiation, stereotactically directed to an intracranial region of interest". Recently, the original concept of radiosurgery has been expanded in terms of fractionation schemes and image guidance. At University Medical Center in Mannheim stereotactic treatmens are done for Liver-, Lung- and Brain tumors or metastasis. Those treatments are frameless and are often done utilizing advanced motion management techniques.

Brain lesions are treated with the new Gamma Knife installed in 2014. ...

Lung lesions are treated with the high dose rate mode of our two Versa HD machines. The FFF (flattening filter free) mode is more than doubling the dose rates in external beam therapy, alowing shorter treatment times with high precision. As an image guidance system the on board cone beam CT is used. Most of the lung patients are treated using the ABC system. The department for radiotherapy and radiation oncology in Mannheim was one of the first clinics world wide to treat a patient with this combination of techniques.

Liver lessions are also treated with the high dose rate mode of the Versa HD machines. The same breathing management is used as for lung patients and in a research version active liver tracling with an ultrasound device is being tested.

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