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Image Guided and Robotic Radiotherapy

Dear Colleagues,


We would like to invite you to our 15th Summer Workshop on Image Guided and Robotic Radiotherapy  (flyer).

In this year, we divide the workshop in two sessions, robotics and image guidance. After a short overview of how robotics helped so far in treating tumors, recent results and developments in this field such as robotics in urology, brachytherapy under MRI control, and electronic brachytherapy for glioblastoma treatment are presented.

In the second session, image guidance and aspects that relate to the medical physics issues are the main focus. We have hereby selected a set of interesting questions from dosimetry, planning to digital health (UMM 4.0).

The symposium and the workshop address physicians, physicists in radiation oncology and neighbouring disciplines as well as students in medical physics or biomedical engineering. Certification will be requested from the Landesärztekammer.

It is a pleasure for us to welcome you in Mannheim.

Prof. Dr. F. Wenz                Dr. F. Giordano

Prof. Dr. J. W. Hesser       Dr. G. Hildenbrand

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