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IMRT/VMAT training program 2019


20.-22.02.2019 IMRT/VMAT Kurs

05.-07.06.2019 IMRT/VMAT Kurs

25.-27.09.2019 IMRT/VMAT Kurs

13.-15.11.2019 IMRT/VMAT Kurs




Day 1

9:00      Welcome and introduction of participants and teachers

V. Steil

09:15    The role of IMRT and IGRT in the management of breast cancer  

Dr. A. Y. Abou-Madian

09:45    The role of IMRT in the management of head and neck cancer

Dr. A. Y. Abou-Madian

10:15    Coffee

10:30    IMRT/VMAT for prostate, brain, and re-irradiation of spine

Dr. M. Ehmann

11:30    First fraction patient setup for different indications and techniques 

Dr. A Simeonova-Chergou, Live in clinical routine

12:30    Lunch

13:45    Recent advances in radiotherapy treatment procedures

Dr. F. Stieler

15:00    Coffee

15:15    End of daily program

Day 2

08.30    (Optional: Morning Conference - arrive at Clinic at 8.15)

9:15      Liver IGRT/SBRT

Dr. Dr. J. Boda-Heggemann

10:15    Coffee break

10:30    IMRT/VMAT and motion management for lung SBRT

Dr. A. Simeonova-Chergou

11:30    Treatment planning with Monaco

Dr. J. Fleckenstein

12:15    Lunch

13:00     Target Definition

Dr. A. Y. Abou-Madian

13:30    Hands-on: Monaco IMRT/VMAT treatment planning at workstations


16:30    End of daily program

Day 3

09:00    Commissioning and Machine QA for IMRT/VMAT?

Dr. F. Schneider

10:30    Coffee break

10:45    Hands on QA at Linac

Dr. F. Schneider

12:30    End of program

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